In the Events section of your Dashboard, press the New Event button and select the type of event you want to create:

  • In-Person Volunteering - In-person event, fixed time, fixed location
  • Shifted Virtual Volunteer - Virtual event, fixed time, remote location
  • Virtual Volunteer Action - Virtual event, flexible time, remote location

Then, fill in the details of your event:

Event name: Public Name displayed on the signup page and Events Feed

VAN event name: Use your VAN naming conventions here.

Tagline: One line to grab attention that will be displayed below the picture on the events page.

Event Type: Choose the event type that best fits your event. If you are using VAN, these will be mapped to your corresponding VAN event types and statuses in VAN Settings.

Public vs Private events: Public events will be visible on your organization’s public feed ( where as if the event is Private volunteers can only sign up for the event if they have the specific link (

Description: This is the description of the event that will be visible from the event sign up page. Use fun and interesting language to recruit more people for your event.

  • If you have a lot of users creating events, create an event photo + description google drive folder for users to pull from quickly!

Custom VAN settings: Event creators have the option to set custom VAN settings when creating a new event. This overrides the settings Admins enter in the VAN settings tab.

  • Example: My organization is using a Weekend of Action event type in VAN, but this event action is a Phonebank.

Photo: When uploading a photo to your event, try to use a 2:3 aspect ratio and note that the thumbnail is how the event will be seen on the Events Feed and signup pages.

Private details: Attendees will receive information included in this field in the registration and confirmation emails they receive. Use the Private Details field to add a script, training video, best practices document, or other information for your volunteers. 

Reply-to email: If volunteers respond to any event email, it will go here. It should be someone who will be able to respond and answer day-of questions like “Do I need to bring a phone charger?”

Schedule: Select the frequency of the event and the dates of the event. Add times based on occurrence of event!

  • Mobilize suggests scheduling recurring events out for 4 weeks at a time, in case the location changes!

Location: the event address can be marked as public or private. A private location will only be displayed in the confirmation email attendees receive automatically upon sign up

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