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View automated communications for a timeslot
View automated communications for a timeslot

View a schedule of automated messages Mobilize sends to event attendees from the Shift details page

Updated over a week ago

Mobilizes automates communications like registration confirmations, reminders, and follow-up nudges to save you time and help automate your supporter engagement.

You can view the automated messaging schedule for a specific shift or timeslot by scrolling to the the bottom of an event details page and clicking into a timeslot, as shown below.

Timeslot automated communication schedule and current group chat setting is shown on the timeslot details page.

For more details on what communications will be sent to event attendees, read our comprehensive guide to automated communications.

💡 Pro tip: use the "Add custom message" links on the timeslot details page to add a personal appeal or note to your post-shift survey and five-day-later event suggestion emails. Mobilize sends customized emails with your first name and last initial in the "from" field, to give supporters the impression of a more personal, one-to-one communication.

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