Adjust the order of events

You can pin events on your organization's Event feed to highlight priority events

Updated over a week ago

By default, Mobilize organizes your feed in a way that is targeted to the user viewing it, including sorting by distance if the user has entered a location or by upcoming time if not.

  • You can also pin events to the top of your feed using the "Action" menu next to the event from your Dashboard event list and selecting "Pin to Feed."

  • Your pinned events will have a star next to them on the events list.

  • Up to 25 Events can be pinned to your feed.

  • Events that you pin will automatically rise to the top of your Feed and will show a "Highest Priority" indicator.

  • Up to 5 Events can be marked as Highest Priority.

  • Pro Tip: You can adjust the order of High Priority events by un-pinning and re-pinning the event in your Dashboard. The events that have been most recently marked as pinned will appear first in the Events Feed. 

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