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Find and sign up for an event or action
Find and sign up for an event or action

This article describes how Supporters can find and sign up for current volunteer opportunities and what happens after they sign up

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πŸ” Find an event or action

Supporters can find current volunteer opportunities by visiting

You can refine your search to find the right event for you! Just select Filters to filter the event feed by event name, event type, location, date, campaign/organization, and more.

To sign up, click on the event or action.

πŸ“ Sign up for an event or action

Step 1: From the event details page under 'Sign up now', add your name, contact information, and zip code

Step 2: If applicable, select the timeslots you want to attend

Step 3: Click the button that says 'Attend as [your name]'

Step 4:

You're signed up! You will receive a confirmation email in your email inbox.

πŸ“… The confirmation email will contain an .ics file if you signed up for a scheduled event. You can import this file into the calendar of your choice.

πŸ“§ What happens after I sign up for an event?

Manage your event RSVPs, find event details, and more from your Supporter Profile. You’ll receive a reminder email the day before and the day of your event. You can also opt in to receive text message reminders. You can manage confirmation email preferences in Notification Settings.

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