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Share Events You Create With Our National Network
Share Events You Create With Our National Network
Updated over a week ago

Once you create and publish your events page, other grassroots groups and campaigns can share your events on their own event feeds.

For example if you are a campaign working in New York State, you are able to create and host your own events, but the New York State Democratic Party can also promote your event on their event feed. Your group can recruit volunteer traffic from both pages. 

If you don't want other groups to share your events, you can go into the Settings tab on your Dashboard and uncheck the box next to "Enable promotion by other organizations" and other organizations will not be able to promote your events. 

Any event that you publish through MobilizeAmerica will be added to our generic events feed ( Any volunteer that visits this page can filter through all of our events by type or location to discover and register for volunteer opportunities. Regardless of whether you enable promotions, you are expanding your reach by creating your events with MobilizeAmerica. 

Other questions about Promoting Organizations? Reach out to [email protected] with questions, feedback or anything else that might come up. 

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