Organization name and URL

  • Your organization name will appear on the Public Events Feed, and the URL slug is the unique letters or words that are located at the end of your URL (

  • Make sure you pick something short, use lowercase letters, and do not include spaces or punctuation.

  • Read more here.

Default Contact email

  • This is the email address will receive any correspondence from volunteers that respond to Mobilize confirmation and reminder emails.

  • Set a different email address for each event in the event details, therefore we recommend that you put the email address of the organizer of the event so that volunteers can reach out to the organizer if they have questions. 


  • In Settings, you have the option turn off “enable promotion by other organizations”. This will not allow organizations to find, or toggle on promoting your organization from their Dashboard.

  • If your organization is already being promoted, and you decide to uncheck enable promotions, if you turn promotions back on your list of “My Promoters” will not contain those groups. 


  • Our platform allows you to pre-check two event timeslots for events that have multiple timeslots. This helps nudge your volunteers to maximize their actions.

Lead capture

  • The MobilizeAmerica events feed can help you capture contact information from new visitors to your feed via a lead capture form. This is what it will look like on your feed:

  • To turn this feature on or off, go to your dashboard. Click 'settings' on the left hand bar, and scroll down below where you entered your default contact email. You should see a box to check whether you want the lead capture form on or off. Click update to save your new settings.


  • When your volunteers or staff share your Mobilize events to social media, the links can now auto-populate with a custom hashtag that your team creates. For example:

  • To add a custom hashtag, go to your Mobilize dashboard. Click 'settings' on the left hand bar, and scroll down to Social Media, where you can enter your preferred hashtag. 

  • Click update. Now, when someone shares your event from Twitter or Facebook, the post will automatically populate with your custom hashtag, allowing your team to easily track share traffic and repost supporters' content.


  • To further customize your Mobilize events feed, add your logo and organization color to your dashboard from your settings page. 

  • You can upload any image to be set as your organization’s Mobilize logo. That will be visible on the top left of your public events feed.your page as your logo., as well as select a color, or use a color code to match your organizations branding.

  • Then, select a color code that matches your organization’s branding. This color will be used on the public events feed, sign up buttons, and set the theme for your Mobilize page.

  • This is an example what your feed will look like when you add a logo and color, as well as toggling on your banner.

  • By toggling on the banner on your public events feed, there will be a wide ribbon of your campaign color on the top of your events feed. The text will read “Take Action with YOUR ORG” in large print, with “Check out these ways to get involved!” beneath it. While this is the default message, reach out to our team at [email protected] if you’d like to customize the text that appears in your banner.

  • Check our the difference in the feed with a banner and without a banner below.

With Banner:

Without Banner:

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