In the "Promote Organizations" page of your dashboard you will find a tab called Filter Promoted Events.  You can filter out events by four different criteria. 

  1. Filter events by event type. Ex: exclude all fundraisers. 
  2. Filter by location. Ex: exclude all events further than 100 miles outside of the radius of a particular zip code.
  3. Filter between virtual events and in-person. Ex: exclude all virtual events.
  4. Filter by legislative district.

    Below you can see what it would look like if you wanted to exclude virtual events, fundraisers, and events that are more than 100 miles away from a zip code. An event that matches any one of those three criteria will be excluded.

If you check the Promoted tab on your Events page in your dashboard, you will notice that all of the events that you have filtered out are highlighted in red and excluded.  If there is an event that was filtered out that you want to re-include, you can manually un-exclude that specific event by toggling the Exclude button. 

Note that if you re-apply the filters, that event will be excluded and you will have to manually un-exclude it again. 

Types of Filters

Each enabled filter will apply a series of checks to each event belonging to a promoted organization. The event must pass each enabled filter in order to be displayed in your organization's feed. If the event is excluded, you can still manually include it as described in the previous section.

The following is an explanation of how each filter works.

Exclude events more than a certain distance from from a ZIP code

This filter is applied to any event that has a location (in-person or virtual). If the coordinates of the event are outside of the specified radius from the center of the ZIP code, it is excluded.

Exclude by event types

If an event matches any of the event types you have selected, it is excluded.

Exclude virtual events

Any virtual event (regardless of whether or not it has a location) is excluded.

Include state legislative districts

This filter requires you to select specific legislative districts in one or more states (Congressional, State Upper, and State Lower). If an event has a location and we were able to determine the districts for the location (they are visible in the Dashboard Event details page), we compare the event to the list of districts and exclude any event outside of those districts.

For virtual events without a location or any event with a location that we were unable to determine the districts for, we check the promoted organization's district value to determine if the event should be excluded. We only compare the districts if the promoted organization is a Congressional campaign, state upper legislative district campaign, or state lower legislative district campaign.

An event that does not pass any of these checks is excluded by the filter.

Include state (beta)

This filter is currently being beta tested and cannot be set in the dashboard. If you believe this filter fits your use case, please contact [email protected]

When this filter is set, it excludes any event with a location that does not have a state value that matches the list of included states. This filter does not apply to virtual events without a location.

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