Make sure we have received your VAN API key. You can check this by clicking on the VAN Settings, if you receive this message you need to request an API key. 

If we already have your API key, go to the VAN Settings tab in your Mobilize Dashboard to view your VAN integration.  If you have NOT set up VAN sync but we have your API key, you will see a page that looks like this:

From here you need to manually use “Add Event Types”. The “Event Type” column has pre-set event types from Mobilize America, from there you need to link them to your MyCampaign event types.

You can finish your VAN sync by selecting VAN roles, whether or not you want to mark the event owner as a host, Registered Status, Cancelled Status and Confirmed Status for each event type. 

Event owners can now be synced to VAN. Event owners can be added to VAN with a specified role, set up in the VAN settings tab of your dashboard. (that can be set per event type in the VAN settings page). If an event type has a host role specified, then when an event is created with that event type, the event owner will get synced over. 

However, if an event type doesn’t have a host role specified from the drop-down menu, event owners will not be synced to VAN for events under that event type. Event owners of distributed organizing events are only synced over once the event is approved. If the event owner changes, we will sync the new event owner to VAN.

When you are done, the VAN Settings tab will look similar to this:

Once you have finished filling out the VAN Settings, you can start creating events that sync seamlessly to VAN! 

**NOTE: Only individuals with Admin access on an account will be able to use the VAN Settings Tab**

Have any questions about setting up VAN sync? Contact [email protected] and we will help you get up and running.

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