Do not be intimidated by analytics tools! Check out our step by step guide here to start using your Facebook pixel ID for targeted volunteer recruitment. No special tech knowledge

Have you ever shopped online from a brand you like, and then seen advertisements from that brand on your Facebook page or Instagram shortly after? That is because of Pixel ID.

How it works:

1.In order to use the pixel ID you need to create a free Facebook Business account. Each account comes with a unique Facebook Pixel ID. You can copy and paste this ID at the settings tab of your Mobilize Page in order to start collecting data.

2. If someone who has a Facebook account views your page, registers for an event, or fills out your hotleads form, Facebook will collect that information

3. Using your Facebook business account, you can create an advertisement for your campaign or event and show it to a targeted audience. Because Facebook has been collecting information on your site, it can show your add to an audience such as "people who have viewed my events feed but did not sign up for an event" or "people who have registered for events before." When those people scroll through your Facebook feeds, your advertisement will appear.

For more information on advertising for campaigns and political causes on Facebook, click here.

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