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Use Google Analytics to track supporter engagement on Mobilize
Use Google Analytics to track supporter engagement on Mobilize

How to install Google Analytics for your Mobilize account to see aggregated stats about your visitors and supporters.

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On July 1, 2023, Google is deprecating the standard Universal Analytics tags in favor of Google Analytics 4. To continue collecting Mobilize data in Google Analytics, you need to update your Analytics tags to Google Analytics 4 (GA4). Learn how to update to GA4.

Google Analytics is a free tool that offers insights into your website viewers. You do not need any special tech knowledge to use Google Analytics with your Mobilize Account.

Once installed, you can use Google Analytics's easy-to-use reporting dashboard to create custom reports and monitor supporter engagement metrics such as:

  • visitor conversion rates (how many visitors are signing up)

  • new vs. repeat visits (how many of your Mobilize feed visitors are returning supporters)

  • traffic sources (where visitors to your Mobilize feed are coming from)

  • which devices your supporters are using to engage with your organization on Mobilize

  • And more!

Setting up the Mobilize <> Google Analytics Integration

Step 1: Create a Google Analytics account. 

Step 2: Once you create an account, navigate to the account settings tab. You can find this by clicking the wheel icon at the bottom of the vertical menu on the left that says "admin" when you hover your mouse over it. From there click account settings, and your "account ID" will appear right at the top under "Basic Settings." Copy the ID to your clipboard. 

Step 3: Navigate to your Mobilize dashboard and then to your Settings tab. Scroll to the Analytics section, and paste your Google ID from Step 1 in the box under "Google Analytics ID."

Now, Google will capture anonymized data about the way visitors interact with your Mobilize feed and signup pages.

You can access all the information Google tracks by logging into your Google Analytics account.

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