Deleted events in Mobilize

How deleting events impacts Mobilize, VAN, and your volunteers

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Deleted events in Mobilize: 

  • For upcoming events, the user deleting the event has the option to send a cancellation email to scheduled volunteers at the time of the event.

  • All upcoming signups for deleted timeslots will be marked as 'Cancelled'

  • Admins can deleted events under the Deleted section of the Events tab. The event can be restored from this section.

Deleted events in VAN:

Deleted upcoming events:

  • The deleted event will be marked as {Cancelled}

  • Shifts in the deleted Mobilize event will be marked as {Declined}

  • If you wish to remove the event entirely from VAN, you must manually delete the cancelled event after deleting it in Mobilize

Deleted past events:

  • The deleted event will be marked as {Cancelled}

  • Signups in the deleted Mobilize event will keep the same status

NOTE: If you are a Trusted Host or Organizer, and your event is no longer visible in Mobilize, it is possible that an Admin on your dashboard deleted your event

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