You can now also use our URL generator to create a custom pre-filtered URL to distribute to your volunteers.

Need more? Here's how you can pre-filter your feed by event types, zip code or state, or date / date range.


1. Navigate to your Dashboard, and click on 'Promote Organizations' on the left.

2. Each of your partner organizations has an associated organization ID, as circled in red below. Copy the IDs of the orgs whose events you want to send to your volunteers. Note that the next steps will only work for organizations you are currently promoting.

3. Navigate to your public events feed. This should be a link that looks like this: 

4. Filter by 1 organization:
To only share events hosted by one organization, either expand your search filters (see below) and select one organization, or use the link, replacing 'yourslug' with your organization's slug and 'XX' with your partner organization's org id.

For example, only shows events Obama for Congress has promoted from Conor Lamb for Congress. 

5. Filter by multiple organizations:
To only share events hosted by multiple organizations you've promoted, expand your search filters and select as many organizations you are promoting as you would . If you choose to filter solely by link, add &org_ids=YY to the end of your link from Step 4, replacing 'YY' with the additional organization's ID.

For example, the below link only shows events that MobilizeAmerica has promoted from Conor Lamb (org ID: 158) and Campaign for Ohio (org ID: 187).

5. You can now send the link from Step 4 or 5 via email or SMS to volunteers and direct them to a pre-filtered feed, displaying only events from your selected organizations. 

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