To access exports from Mobilize, click on the "Exports" tab in your dashboard. From this tab, you'll have access to four different export options:

  • Shift & Volunteer Feedback Export - data related to event shifts for your organization and events affiliated with your organization. Also includes feedback from the post-shift follow up feature.
  • Volunteer Export - data related to volunteers affiliated with your organization.
  • User Export - data related to users (those who have access to your Mobilize account as admins, organizers, and hosts) affiliated with your organization.
  • Event Export - data on events owned or promoted by your organization.

You can also download the shifts for a single event. For more detailed instructions on how to export shifts and other data from Mobilize, click here.

  • Event-Specific Signup Exports - data related to shifts for a single event.

Here's the information you'll get from each type of export:

Shift & Volunteer Feedback Exports

  • Volunteer Name, Email, Phone, Zip Code, Event Signup, Event Status, Event Type, Affiliated Organization, and Feedback

**NOTE: If a volunteer is from another organization, they are considered an affiliated participation, so some of their personal information might not be included in the Shift Export. You will have to get this information from their affiliated organization.**

Volunteer Exports

  • Name, Email, Phone, Zip Code, and SMS opt-in status of volunteers that have signed up for an event owned by or promoted by your organization.

User Exports

  • Name, Email, and Role on your Mobilize page

Event Exports

  • Event name, event type, address, Congressional and state legislative districts, and event visibility.

Event-Specific Signups Exports

  • Name, Email, Phone, Zip, Event Name, Event Type, Event Shift Time, Signup Status (Registered, Cancelled, etc.)
  • The attended column will display True if the signup was marked as "Completed". It will display False if the signup was marked as a "No-show."
  • The status column will display a signup status value of CANCELLED, CONFIRMED, or REGISTERED.

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