Quick Details

  • A new PDI event is created for each time slot in a Mobilize event
  • The integration happens a few times a day

**NOTE: Upon initial sync, all past events and signups sync over, promoted events and signups however do not sync over**

First Steps - request to integrate PDI with Mobilize at [email protected], you will require the following information:

  • Organization Name
  • PDI Organization ID
  • API Token
  • Username
  • Password

Once PDI has been integrated with your account, you will have to configure your PDI settings to make sure your shifts in Mobilize map properly to PDI.

Configuration steps:

1. Decide to which PDI calendar events should be added
2. Map each Mobilize event type to a PDI event category

  • Canvass
  • Phone bank
  • Text bank
  • Meeting
  • Community
  • Fundraiser
  • Meet and greet
  • Other
  • Training
  • House party
  • Voter reg
  • Friend to friend outreach

If you have any questions specific to your integration or notice any discrepancies, please send that information to [email protected]

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