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How to integrate PDI with your Mobilize Account
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Mobilize allows organizations to configure an integration with PDI. This integration supports the uni-directional flow of data from a Mobilize organization to a PDI account. While our integration with PDI is not as robust or fully-featured as our VAN integration, we do sync over our core data models.

Any event that is included in your organization's list of events and the volunteers who sign up for them will be included in the sync. This includes events that your organization is promoting and the volunteers who sign up for those events through your Mobilize feed.

Data Sync

Key Integration Details

  • For each time slot in Mobilize, an Event is created in PDI

  • Data is synced twice a day around midnight and noon EDT.

  • Volunteers are uniquely identified by email addresses in Mobilize. We attempt to match Mobilize volunteers to an existing Contact in PDI via email address only.

  • We now sync the attended field to the the PDI Invitation. This field's value corresponds with Mobilize attendance statues of "Completed" and "No-Show". Completed is true and No-Show is false. If the Mobilize API returns a null value, this defaults to false in PDI.

Preparing to Set up the Integration

Contact PDI and tell them that you want to want to integrate PDI with Mobilize at [email protected]. You should provide the following information:

  • Organization Name

  • PDI Organization ID

Once PDI provides you with the following credentials, contact [email protected]. You will need to secure transfer the credentials to the Mobilize team.

  • API Token

  • Username

  • Password

The Mobilize team will test the provided credentials and then work with you to configure the PDI settings. The next step is to map each Mobilize event type to a PDI Calendar in your account.

Configuring the Integration

  1. Create the PDI Calendars you intend to use in your PDI account.

  2. Decide which PDI Calendar each Mobilize Event Type should sync to and provide this to [email protected]. The following is the list of available event types.

  • Canvass

  • Phone Bank

  • Text Bank

  • Meeting

  • Community Event

  • Fundraiser

  • Meet-and-Greet

  • House Party

  • Voter Registration

  • Training

  • Friend-to-Friend Outreach

  • Contact Your Representative

  • Watch Party

  • Rally

  • Town Hall

  • Office Opening

  • Barnstorm

  • Solidarity Event

  • Community Canvass

  • Signature Gathering

  • Carpool

  • Other

  • Workshop

If you have any questions specific to your integration or notice any discrepancies, please send that information to [email protected]

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