Updating Mobilize Events in PDI

What happens in PDI when you update Mobilize Events

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When changes are made in Mobilize, the changes will be reflected in PDI after the sync occurs.

**NOTE: The sync happens a few times each day, so changes might not be reflected immediately after editing**

Adding Shifts

  • Adding a shift to an event in Mobilize creates a new event in PDI.

Deleting Events/Shifts

  • Deleting a time slot from a Mobilize event will delete the corresponding event in PDI and its signups

  • Deleting a Mobilize event should delete all the correspond events in PDI for the corresponding time slots in the Mobilize event and signups

  • Example: If you create an event in Mobilize with a 9am to 11am and 11am to 1 pm canvass shift times, two separate events will be created in PDI. If you delete the Mobilize event with these shifts, both events in PDI will be deleted.

Changing Locations

  • You can change the location of a single event normally in Mobilize, and the changes will be reflected in each correlated PDI event

  • If you need to change the location of an event's shifts to multiple locations, we recommend the following:

  1. Creating multiple new events with the updated locations (best if you use the copy event feature!)

  2. Cancel the event and use the private details section to update signed up volunteers on the new locations (volunteers will get a cancellation email but the body of this email can be used to link to the new events to sign up for)


  1. Update the location of the original event to one of the new locations (attendees will receive an update email, rather than a cancellation email)

  2. Then create new events for the rest of the locations (if you're worried about one event having more signups, you can make the original, updated event private to make sure new signups are only for the other locations)

If you have any questions specific to your integration or notice any discrepancies, please send that information to [email protected].

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