In the URL Generator, you can create a pre-filtered URL for your potential volunteers. These are great for social media blasts and personalized emails so that your volunteers have a smaller list of events to sort through to find one near them! 

You'll need to add the generator's output at the end of your organization's event feed link, which should look like this:

Here’s a quick explanation of each filter:

  • OrgFeed - Enter the slug ( of the organization whose events you want to appear

  • OrgIDs - ID number of the organization, you can located this under the name of the organization in the Promoted Organizations tab of your dashboard

  • IsVirtual - Filter to Virtual or In-Person Events (True for Virtual Events, False for In-Person, and leave blank for both)

  • ZIP - Filter by ZIP Code

  • State - Filter by State

  • UTM Codes - if you would like to track how your volunteers arrived at your site, add to this section

  • utmSource - designate where the utm code is coming from (owned, paid, partner)

  • utmCampaign - Your campaign

  • utmMedium - add these depending on which site you’re using to track social media clicks (twitter, facebook, instagram, etc.)

  • Date - use this to filter events to a single day

  • startDate and endDate - use to show a range of dates on the filtered link

  • Event Types - Use the drop down to choose specific types of events to appear

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