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How to cancel a volunteer's shift for them
How to cancel a volunteer's shift for them

Cancelling a Volunteer's shift and stopping confirmation emails

Updated over a week ago

If a volunteer can no longer attend an event they signed up for in Mobilize, there are three ways to decline their shift in Mobilize.

  1. A volunteer can always cancel their shift themselves. They have this option at the bottom of the confirmation email they receive when they sign up and in the email and text sent the day before an event. This will save you time from going in and cancelling for them.

  2. For campaigns with VAN integration, simply mark their status in VAN as declined. Mobilize will read their status in VAN and not send them confirmation emails or texts for their related shift.ย 

  3. For campaigns without VAN integration, click on the "Events" tab in your dashboard, then select the event the volunteer is currently signed up for. Then, scroll down to the shift times for the event and click on the shift time the volunteer is signed up for. Finally, find your volunteer's name and mark their shift as "cancelled."

If a volunteer still plans to attend but no longer wants to receive emails from Mobilize, they can unsubscribe from future emails at the bottom of their confirmation email.
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