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What is a lead capture form?
What is a lead capture form?
Toggle the lead capture bar on events feed to capture volunteers' personal information
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The MobilizeAmerica events feed can help you capture contact information from new visitors to your feed via a lead capture form. This is what it will look like on your feed:

To turn this feature on or off, go to your dashboard. Click 'settings' on the left hand bar, and scroll down below where you entered your default contact email. You should see a box to check whether you want the lead capture form on or off.

Click update to save your new settings.

Once you turn on the lead capture form, volunteers who submit their information will be visible in your Volunteers tab as well as in the Volunteers export. **Note that people that fill out the lead capture form will be considered as Volunteers with 0 participations.

Pro tip: You can configure a VAN Activist code for these people if you are using our VAN integration in your VAN settings tab.

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