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How do I find organizations near me to promote?
How do I find organizations near me to promote?
Filter the promote organizations list to find and promote partners / events in your area
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If you want to learn to filter the events you already promote from existing partners, go here.

The search function on the Promote Organizations page can help you find local partners in your state or territory.

1. Go to the Promote Organizations page in the dashboard. All promotable organizations will show up here.

2. Filter by location: To narrow down your search to partners in a certain area (e.g. state), use the Location filter.

You can filter by one or more states or territories.

4. Apply the filter: Click "Apply". This will now show you a list of all organizations that meet your criteria.

For a refresher on how to promote other organizations, click here.

Want to learn more? Here's how you can send a filtered version of your event feed to volunteers to direct them to select types of events.

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