If you want to learn to filter the events you already promote from existing partners, go here.

The MobilizeAmerica events feed can help you find local partners or events close to you - from near your address to within your state. 

1. Go to the MobilizeAmerica events feed. All events from campaigns and organizations who use Mobilize's platform will show up here.

2. Filter by location: To narrow down your search to partners in a certain area (e.g. state), add a location under 'Near'

You can filter by address, zip code, county, city, or state, and this will show you all events near that location.

4. Adding partners: Click 'search'. This will now show you a list of all events that meet your criteria (e.g. within Davidson County, TN) and the name of the event's host organization.

Go to 'Promote Organizations' on your Mobilize dashboard, hit CTRL+F to quickly search by name, and turn on promotions for that org. Their events will now show up in your feed.

For a refresher on how to promote other organizations, click here.

Want to learn more? Here's how you can send a filtered version of your event feed to volunteers to direct them to select types of events.

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