MobilizeAmerica makes organizing much easier for issue-based organizations. Partners use us to grow their list, fund-raise and mobilize supporters for advocacy actions. Our team has built several platform features that help make advocacy outreach efforts more effective.

  • Multiple types of actions: Use events to bring new supporters into the fold and engage existing ones. The MobilizeAmerica events feature allows you to host house parties, fundraisers, rallies, lobbying events, phone/text banks and more.

  • Virtual events: Organizations with national memberships, or those who want to engage supporters more flexibly, can take advantage of virtual events. This gives supporters the option to engage with your organization wherever they are

  • Auto-confirmations & reminders: Help your staff cut out unnecessarily admin work. When supporters sign up for an action, our platform will automatically send them a confirmation email. They'll also get reminded via email and text a day ahead of the action, as well as day of. 

  • Data & analytics: Organize smarter. Track and analyze your event & supporter data to inform your digital strategy and make every future action much more effective.

  • Partner network: Hundreds of other organizations and events live on our platform. With our partnerships feature, you can plug your supporters into an existing event right away, or have partner organizations send their supporters to help out with your events

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Need some ideas for actions? We already wrote you a guide with 3 actions you can easily create. Check it out here!

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