Data and Event Campaigns

This article will review how your sign up data and integrations will be impacted by your event campaigns.

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Events created through Mobilize’s event campaign feature will be synced with your integrations like other Mobilize events. However, these events will only be synced after they have been approved. The VAN integration allows event hosts to be synced to VAN, which can be accessed on the VAN settings page of your dashboard. There you will see a column titled “Host VAN Role,” which will map event hosts in Mobilize to the same role in VAN.

If you are using VAN, the event type that you choose in initial setup will need to be mapped in your VAN settings. Person record matching as well as volunteer attendance statuses and roles will all be synced in the usual fashion once the event has been approved.

*NOTE: Event campaign events will be included with your other promoted events to be displayed on promoting organizations Public Feed.


  • A source code will be attached to events created by volunteer hosts reading Volunteer Created.

  • Adds a tag to event attendees recruited through volunteer created events called `Volunteer Recruited` 


  • Adds a custom field to the events data model {event_host_type: volunteer}

  • Adds a custom field to the signups data model `{event_host_type: volunteer}’

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