Users with admin access can transfer event ownership from one user to another in their Mobilize dashboard, in the case that the original event owner is no longer able to manage the event.

How to change the owner of an event

1. In your events tab, click "change owner" in the action column.

2. Select the new event owner from the drop down menu.

Now, the new owner can edit the event from the dashboard, export signups from the bottom of the event details page, and receive emails for any new signups.

This new feature might be useful for your organization if a new staff member takes over recurring events made by another user or the notification signup emails should be sent to someone other than the event owner.


💡 PRO TIP: If you need your event to be managed by multiple users or owners, instead of re-assigning the event to a new owner you can easily add co-hosts to your events!


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