Event Campaign Settings

This article will teach you how to configure your event campaign settings

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Use event campaigns to create multiple forms for supporters, users, and volunteer hosts to submit events.

You can recruit house party hosts on one page while simultaneously recruiting events for upcoming weekends of action on another, because each form can support different instructions, date ranges, and event types!

The event campaigns page will be visible to all admin users.

The Event campaigns tab on your dashboard contains a list of the dashboard’s event campaigns, their event types, when and by whom the templates were created, the number of events created, and the status of the page.

Click Settings in the top right to be taken to your account’s overall settings.

Mobilize will automatically ask your attendees to host an event at certain points. Read more about recruiting volunteer hosts.

You can update the call to action attendees see when committing to host by entering text in the volunteer interest blurb.

After a volunteer host commits to hosting, Mobilize will prompt the host to create an event from the featured event campaign.

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