Mobilize’s Distributed Organizing feature gives organizations the ability to customize and set parameters for volunteers who want to host events. 

To learn more about Distributed Organizing, see articles on Volunteer Created Events, Volunteer Dashboard, Approval Process, and Data and Distributed Organizing


Setting up Distributed Organizing is easy! To start, send an email to [email protected] and we will turn on the Distributed Organizing Settings tab. These settings include:

1. Event Instructions: These instructions will be displayed at the top of the Host an Event form to help volunteers create their event. It’s best to keep them to 1-3 sentences and include things like the goal of the distributed event and information on follow-up from the organization (if they should expect any). 

2. Default event type: You can choose one event type before you start your distributed event push. If you use the VAN integration, make sure it is an event type you already have configured in your VAN settings!  This can be changed at any time, but you must select one to start.

3. Default event description: This will appear beneath the image in the volunteer’s event sign up page. The description will be prefilled for hosts when they are creating events, and they can add or change the description before submitting an event for approval.

 4. Default Images: Pre-selected images that will be included for volunteer hosted events. *You have the option to have more than one default image that will be randomly selected when a volunteer creates an event.

** Items outlined in Red are Organization created and correspond with the set up instructions above.

** Items outlined in Blue are fields to be filled out by the Host.

*Note, that you can now set a fixed date and time, or date range

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