Volunteer host event creation

Find out how your dashboard's hosts and trusted hosts can start creating their own events

Updated over a week ago

Using Mobilize’s event campaigns feature allows volunteers to create their own events and gives your organization the ability to set parameters and control quality of volunteer-created events. 

Once your event campaign feature is set up, volunteer hosts can start creating their own events. There two different ways hosts can find your event campaign.

  • Depending on the visibility of your event campaign, it will be surfaced to supporters in your Mobilize feed and elsewhere, or you can share your event campaign form URL with supporters directly.

  • Hosts can find a New Event button in the top right corner of their dashboards, which will direct them to the form URL for a featured event campaign. To enable this, navigate to Event campaigns --> Settings, then select a Featured event campaign.

Dashboard admins have the ability to approve volunteer-created events before they're published to the event feed. The event host will receive an email notifying them when their event has been approved or declined.

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