Approving Volunteer Host Events
This article covers the process of Admins approving, denying or editing event campaign submissions
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MobilizeAmerica’s event campaign feature gives volunteers ownership over their events, while still giving organizations control over what is being published to their feed. 

To learn more, see articles on Volunteer Created Events, Data and Event Campaigns and Volunteer Permission Levels.
Once volunteers submit the Host an Event form and verify their email, the event will immediately be moved to your Events section in the Awaiting Approval tab. This is where you can approve and manage volunteer-created events. Any changes to the default event description will be noted with a warning emoji next to the event title. 

All events submitted by hosts can be edited prior to approval, where you can perform actions like making the event private, turning on Post Shift Follow up, and editing any language, messaging or typos.

Admins can also Approve event + trust host, which both approves the event to be displayed on your public events feed and allows this volunteer to create events in the future without needing approval. To learn more about Volunteer Permissions click here.

When existing Hosts or Trusted Hosts make new events, or edit existing events, Admins will get a notification.

You can manage your email notifications by clicking the dropdown in the top right corner of the dashboard and clicking Account, or by navigating to

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