Update attendance statuses

Admins and event hosts can change the status of an attendee to confirmed, canceled, no-show or completed

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Mobilize gives you the flexibility to close out your shifts and update your supporters' attendance statuses, all from your Mobilize Dashboard. This article will cover how to use this feature.

ℹ️ Did you know? Mobilize can automatically capture attendance when a supporter clicks or taps a "link to join" for virtual events. The "automated check-in" feature can be enabled in your organization Settings page (requires admin access).


How to update attendance statuses in Mobilize

  • Head to the Events section, and click the name of the Event for which you want to edit signups.

  • Scroll to the bottom of the Event Details page and click on the shift time you want to view and edit:

  • On the Shift Details page, signups will be listed on the All tab. You can use the status tabs to quickly view and filter the signups by their attendance status. 

  • For example, after an event has taken place, the Attendance Unknown tab lets you quickly see all of the participants who haven’t yet been marked as Completed or No Show yet, through VAN or the post-shift follow-up survey.

  • From these tabs, update the status of an individual signup by selecting a new status from the dropdown list on the right hand side:

  • Once you select a new status, that signup will be updated immediately in Mobilize.

  • Updated statuses will be synced to VAN for up to 3 days following the event. If data is entered after that time period, contact [email protected] for help.

Note: Where there is a difference between attendance data submitted by the volunteer (either via their volunteer schedule or the post-shift follow-up survey) and the statuses recorded by an organizer in Mobilize or in VAN, the status will overwrite the volunteer submitted status and hold the status submitted by the organizer.

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