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Add a new signup from your dashboard
Add a new signup from your dashboard
How to add a new signup to an event from your Mobilize dashboard -- a solution for supporters without cellphone numbers
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Mobilize allows you to add attendees to your event easily from your Mobilize Dashboard. This article will cover how to add a new sign up, and some specifics about the feature.

See also, how to edit attendee statuses and how to export your attendee list.

  1. Navigate to the dashboard which owns or promotes the event:

  2. Click the name of the event

  3. Scroll down until you see Shifts and Signups then select Upcoming

  4. Click into the shift for which you'd like to add an attendee

  5. Scroll down until you see + New attendee

  6. Click + New attendee

  7. Optional, select Status from Cancelled, Registered, Confirmed

  8. Complete the form by typing in the attendee's First name, Last name, and Email address

  9. Click Add attendee and we'll send the new attendee a registration confirmation email!

Good to know:

A signup added via your Mobilize dashboard will be synced to the VAN event immediately.

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