Mobilize allows you to add attendees to your event easily from your Mobilize Dashboard. This article will cover how to add a new sign up, and some specifics about the feature.

See also, how to edit attendee statuses and how to export your attendee list.

First, head to your Events section, and click the name of the event you want to add a signup for. Scroll to the bottom of the Event Details page and click on the timeslot you want to view and edit:

From the Shift Details page, click the ‘New signup’ button to add a new signup:

When prompted, enter the details for your signup:

To register a volunteer for an upcoming event, select ‘Registered’ status. The volunteer will receive an alert notifying them that they have been registered for the event, and will receive automated confirmation emails prior to the event.

You can register a walk in volunteer at any time by creating the signup with the status Completed. If the signup is added within one hour of the event finishing and you have the post-shift follow-up survey functionality enabled, the volunteer will be prompted to provide feedback about the event.

To finish creating the signup, click ‘Add Signup’. Your new signup will appear in the signups table on the Shift Details page under ‘All’ and on the relevant status tab:

Click on the volunteer’s name to see their volunteer history and contact details, or click the volunteer’s phone number or email address to contact them using your device’s native dialer or email client.

VAN Syncing

A signup added via your Mobilize dashboard will be synced to the VAN event immediately.

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