Mobilize now allows users to customize how links to their events feed appear in social media posts, making links to your feed more visually appealing and improving your conversion rates! While this feature allows you to customize links to your public events feed, links to specific events will still populate with the image, title, and description of that event.

Before, linking to your events feed would appear in Twitter and Facebook posts like this:

Now, instead of the preview image defaulting to your organization’s logo, you can now upload a custom image.

You can also change the default title from “Obama for Congress Events - MobilizeAmerica” to a title of your choice and change the caption to whatever you’d like.

To customize how links to your events feed appear in social media posts, go to the “Settings” tab in your dashboard and scroll down to the “Social Media” heading.

From the “Social Media” section, you can customize your Social Sharing Image, Title, Description, and Hashtag.

Any image uploaded will be cropped to 1200x600px. This matches the size for preview images on Twitter and is just 30px off from Facebook preview images. Facebook will center the link vertically, taking 15px off from the top and bottom, preserving the composition of most images.

When posting a link to your events feed to Twitter, your customized link won’t populate while drafting your tweet:

But once you send your tweet, it will appear on your Twitter feed like this:

When posting to Facebook, you will see a preview of what your link will look like before you post:

Note: When sharing the Host an Event form on Facebook or Twitter, the social media picture you choose in settings will be displayed, but the event card will have a fixed title and description. See below:

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