MobilizeAmerica’s custom domain support allows your organization’s MobilizeAmerica pages (including your dashboard) to live on a secure subdomain of a domain that you own (for example, events.campaign.tld).

  • Your custom domain will be used for all sharing links and links in MobilizeAmerica communications to your volunteers
  • Any links you have shared previously will automatically redirect to the new custom domain.
  • Other organizations, affiliates, and state chapters can still promote your events, and you can promote other organizations’ events to appear on your custom domain.
  • Your volunteers and hosts can log into the custom domain to manage their events or update their volunteer profile
  • Pages on your custom domain are managed and supported by MobilizeAmerica as if they were hosted on, and will be automatically updated with new features and any bug fixes.

Setting up a custom domain also allows you to create a custom theme which can be applied to existing and future volunteer-facing MobilizeAmerica pages, including:

  • Signup or “RSVP” pages
  • Events feed
  • Volunteer host event submission form (if Distributed Organizing is enabled)
  • Volunteer schedules
  • The custom branding includes:
  • Custom primary and secondary fonts, served by a major font provider (Typekit, Cloud Typography, or Google Fonts)
  • Custom favicon delivered on all pages
  • Control over the look and feel of individual style attributes listed below
  • Support and guidance from your dedicated MobilizeAmerica success team on refining the custom theme

Coming soon:

  • Custom color palette for event feed tags and other messages
  • Self-service interface for updating and previewing your theme
  • Additional branding controls and customization capabilities for email and SMS

Theme specification

MobilizeAmerica’s custom design allows you to define the following CSS attributes, which will be applied across your events feed, signup pages, event hosting form, and volunteer schedule. These styles will also be applied to future volunteer interfaces on the MobilizeAmerica platform.

  • Primary Font (applied to event titles and headings)
  • Font family
  • Font weight
  • Text color
  • Text-transform (eg uppercase)
  • Secondary Font (used for body and description text on event detail pages and forms)
  • Font family
  • Font weight
  • Text color
  • Inline links
  • Text color
  • Background
  • Text decoration
  • Hover text color
  • Hover background
  • Hover text decoration
  • Inputs (eg text fields, description fields)
  • Border width
  • Text color
  • Buttons (primary & secondary)
  • Text color
  • Background color
  • Hover text color
  • Hover background color
  • Border color
  • Border width
  • Default border-radius (applies to buttons and inputs)

To learn more about setting up Whitelabeling, reach out to [email protected]

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