This article will provide an overview of the MobilizeAmerica Phone2Action integration, as well as how to set up an event with this new advocacy action. Before creating your event through Mobilize, you will need to set up a campaign through your Phone2Action account.

If you do not currently have an account with Phone2Action, you can visit their website for more information.

To learn more, check out our articles on Creating an Event, and our section on Integrations.

This feature will allow you to create events similar to flexible virtual actions, that are linked to Phone2Action campaigns. From those RSVP pages, volunteers will click “Call Now” and be connected to a P2A number, which will direct volunteers to each representative respectively.


Once you create your Campaign in Phone2Action, you will see in the Campaigns, an ID number associated with each phone action. You will use this number to connect your MobilizeAmerica event with this specific action. *Note that your Phone2Action campaign *must* have call-through enabled as one of the communication methods.

Then, head to the Events section of your Dashboard and click New Event. You will now see a new fourth event type called New representative contact action

Most of the event creation information will be identical to creating a Virtual Volunteer Action, however instead of entering your Action URL, you will enter your previously created Phone2Action campaign ID.

Once you finish creating your event, below is what your signup form will generally look like. The form will now have a notice above the volunteer information fields that reads “FILL OUT YOUR INFO BELOW AND WE’LL CALL TO CONNECT YOU TO YOUR ELECTED OFFICIAL” and the CALL ME NOW button will redirect to the Phone2Action number. 

Things to note :

  • If the Phone2Action campaign is disabled/ended, you will need to SEPARATELY end the campaign in Mobilize by cancelling future timeslots. 

  • To set up a 24/7 advocacy campaign, we suggest setting up a recurring event which runs from 12:00am to 11:59pm each day for the duration of the campaign (this can always be extended later, or shortened if the campaign ends). 

  • Formatting can be added in mark-down (eg *** for horizontal rule, or _italics_) to provide a script for users to use when they are connected

Keywords: Advocacy, virtual action, rapid response

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