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Learn more about Movable Ink, and its use with MobilizeAmerica.

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This article will share more about Movable Ink, and the partnership with MobilizeAmerica. To learn more about purchasing Movable ink, visit their website at

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Movable ink is an innovative digital marketing tool, allowing you to target users on a more flexible and rolling basis, through your website or email. In the case of Mobilize, you will be able to target events to users based on three main factors, context (their location, date/time, etc), behavior (past event/donation history) and user information (name and vital info). 

This technology uses Augmented Reality experiences to target recipients with accurate information from when they open the email or view the website, not when the correspondence was sent.

Movable Ink is not an email or website deployment product, the platform simply produces an html snippet for you to embed in your website or email. This allows you to continue using tools like BSD, ActionKit and NGPVAN to send emails to your volunteers or users!

To learn more about using Movable Ink with MobilizeAmerica, reach out to our team at [email protected]

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