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Email attendees from Event Details page
Email attendees from Event Details page

As an Admin, you can use Mobilize Messaging to email attendees of any Group, event, or action hosted by your organization.

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Use Mobilize Messaging to contact event attendees via email, all from your Mobilize Dashboard. This will cut out the need for exporting lists to your email tool, and will drastically simplify the event management process for all users in Mobilize.

We will still send our automated emails/SMS confirms and post-shift surveys to event attendees -- so you can focus on building relationships and sending updates. Read more about when these automated notifications go out, so you can plan your messages around them.

Mobilize Messaging enables sending emails from an event owner (either admin, organizer, trusted host, host) to event attendees of their events

  • Admins can send an email to attendees of any event

  • Recipients can respond to the email to respond to the sender only

  • Senders will also get a receipt email of what they sent

Emails can be sent from either the event details, or the shift details pages of your Mobilize event. 

Messaging attendees of multiple timeslots/shifts

When sending emails from the event details page, senders have the option to send to all past shift times or all upcoming shift times only. In some cases, if there is a shift that is currently in progress, the audience optionality changes from all past shift times to all past and current shift times

Note: If a volunteer is scheduled for more than one shift time (in the time criteria chosen), they will only get one email

Messaging attendees of a specific shift

Emails that are sent from the shift details page will be limited to only attendees of that shift.

Senders can define the statuses of who should get the email, as well as subject line and body. Users can utilize markdown to make stylistic changes to these emails. Senders will also see how many people an email will go out to before clicking the send button.

  • If sending to people in the past, senders can choose attendance statuses only: ‘no-show’, ‘completed’, ‘canceled’, ‘status unknown’

  • If sending to people in the future, senders can choose registration statuses only: ‘registered’, ‘confirmed’, ‘canceled’

Note: for volunteer hosts that send emails, we will strip out the org logo from the email body, and include a disclaimer that says “The content of this email is not endorsed or vetted by {{organization_name}}”

Recipients can also report an email as inappropriate or containing spam. An email will be sent to the distributed organizing reply-to email (or organization reply-to email for those without the distributed organizing feature) with details of the report, email, and sender.

Here is an example of the email volunteers will receive: 

If you have any questions, please reach out to [email protected]

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