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Volunteer Facing Attendance Recording Instructions: Template
Volunteer Facing Attendance Recording Instructions: Template

Volunteer hosts can add and edit event attendance--here's how!

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Below you'll find our guide to adding and editing event attendance from a host user's perspective. Feel free to use this information in your own materials by inserting your organization name and URL and adding your branding. 


Thank you for hosting an event!

The next step is to record volunteer attendance. It’s important for the organization to have information on who made it to the event and who did not, and Mobilize has made it easy for you to save all your information in one place!

Head to your dashboard and click on your event. You’ll see the full details of your event, like this:

Scroll to the bottom of this page, where you’ll see the Shifts and Signups section. Click on the time of your event

Now you can see the contact information for your attendees and make changes to their statuses.

When you record attendance, start here and change the status of anyone who has attended the event to Completed and anyone who did not show up to No-Show

Adding New Attendees

If you had attendees who are not listed, that’s great! We want to make sure we have their information. Click New Signup on this page. This will create a box where you can add the attendee’s information. Be sure to set their Status as Completed if you’re entering this information after the event!

Thank you again for hosting an event! If you have any questions about this process, please contact [email protected]

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