Distributed Organizing Best Practices 2.0

  1. Make sure your official Facebook and Twitter pages are posting the event creation link (mobilize.us/yourslug/event/create/, and follow up with volunteer hosts and Organizers with suggested copy so they can share the link as well!
  2. Be sure that you have your Social Share settings all set on your Distributed Organizing Page, where you can customize the image shared as well as the title and description displayed when you share your Host an Event link.
  3. We store UTM codes on events created through our Distributed Organizing tool. Keep track of how effective your recruitment pushes are by adding UTMs to your Host an Event link!
  4. Make sure to have a default email address added to your Distributed Organizing Settings page, to ensure that volunteer hosts know who to contact if they have any questions!
  5. We’ve put together some volunteer facing materials you can add to your host welcome packet. This could also include a training webinar for hosts or office hours for hosts or volunteer sign ups (on mobilize!)
  6. Instruct Hosts to mark attendees as complete and add walk ins on Mobilize--check out our volunteer facing guide here:
  7. Change attendee status
  8. Add new signup
  9. Mobilize Messaging/ Email attendees via Mobilize
  10. Make a copy of this host facing document and make changes specific to your program!
  11. Mobilize’s post-shift survey is a great way to learn more about your distributed events, and this feature is automatically on for all distributed organizing events. We conduct one-question surveys sent to attendees one hour after an event ends. This data is stored in the Exports tab of Mobilize, where any Admin user can access it.
  12. Read more about this powerful feature here!
  13. If you are using more than one event type on the Distributed Organizing form, utilize our URL Params to pre-fill fields like event description for each host recruitment push you are sending. Available URL parameters to use are: event_description, host_first_name, host_last_name, host_phone, and host_email
  14. Example:https://www.mobilize.us/yourslug/event/create/?event_description=whatever+you+want!&[email protected]
  15. Mobilize Messaging is our newest tool. It allows all users, including volunteer hosts, to email their event attendees directly from the dashboard! 
  16. We’ve put together a helpful volunteer-host-specific guide! Feel free to send this to volunteer hosts or make a copy and add it to your host welcome packet.
  17. As Distributed Events are being approved, be sure to add in a VAN event to keep your VAN event data clear and clean. You can do this by selecting “Edit” event before approving, and under the Event Name there is a section to enter in the VAN event name.
  18. Don’t forget to reference our one-pager on host recruitment best practices!
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