Use event campaigns to create multiple forms for supporters and volunteer hosts to submit events.  You can recruit house party hosts on one page while simultaneously recruiting events for upcoming weekends of action on another, because each form can support different instructions, date ranges, and event types! 

The event campaigns page will be visible to all admin users on accounts with Distributed Organizing enabled.

The Distributed Organizing tab on your dashboard contains a list of the dashboard’s event campaigns, their event types, when and by whom the templates were created, the number of events created, and the status of the page.

Each event campaign manages its own volunteer event creation form with its own full suite of settings including date range, event type, event title & instructions, approval options, photos and social metadata. It’s easy to configure your Distributed Organizing campaigns. Read our instructions here!
A full list of customizations available for event campaigns:

  • Default event title, description, images
  • Instructions displayed at the top of the form and in the email hosts receive when their events are approved
  • Optional date and time restrictions
  • Available event types (canvass, house party, phonebank etc.)
  • Approval options, letting you decide whether events need approval, and if so, which users should approve the events.
  • Social share settings for the form itself, so that the form can be shared directly on social media
  • Event campaign status: Active, Inactive and Ended. Marking a template as inactive means anyone who attempts to visit the form will be redirected to your public feed.

Admins can customize the URL of your event campaign when setting up a campaign for the first time, but you cannot change the URL after the campaign is created.

Volunteers can discover your event creation forms in two ways:

  • By clicking the Host an Event link at the top of your feed, they will be able to access the Featured form for your page.You can choose whether to display “Host an event” links on your feed, and choose which event campaign form to link to by default, on the Settings tab of your dashboard. This method likely performs best for your evergreen recruitment asks or biggest campaign pushes.
  • By clicking a direct link provided by organizers through the typical social media and email recruitment channels. This method likely performs better for targeted asks or recruitment targeted to specific audiences.

We’re so excited to see how our partners use this new ability!
As always, send any questions to [email protected]!

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