Volunteer hosts can now create events that contain multiple shifts on our Host an Event form.

Hosts may create events that take place on a single date and time. Additional times can also be added by hosts if they are planning to host events on several days or for multiple shifts per day. An optional maximum capacity can be set for each individual shift.

After a host submits an event with multiple shifts, the event goes through the same approval workflow as other hosted events. Admins or event campaign moderators can see the event in the awaiting approval list, and can review all times entered by the host at the bottom of the event details page:

After approval, hosts receive an email confirmation that their event is live, in addition to any host messages you have already configured in your Event Campaign settings page.

Signing up for multi-shifted host events

All available times will be presented to visitors on the volunteer-hosted event’s signup page, just the same as they would on a staff-organized shifted event:

Editing multi-shift events: Hosts

Hosts may edit their event and add new times to their event in their dashboard after the event has been approved. Any new times must match the date and time settings specified in the event campaign settings. Admins and event campaign moderators will be notified about the change to the event, but the change will not go through the approval process.

Hosts cannot delete individual times from events they own; this, and messaging attendees, must be done by users with Admin or Organizer permissions. 

Data sync for host multi-shift events

Multi-shift events for volunteer hosts will be synced to integrations, the API, and SQL mirror in exactly the same way as an Organizer-created multi-shift event.  Each host-created event will have a single Event ID and one or more Timeslot IDs.

Event campaign settings: Admins

On each event campaign, you will be able to specify whether hosts can create events with multiple shifts, under Date and time settings:

If this option is selected, an “Add another time” button will appear on the campaign’s volunteer-facing Host an Event form unless the event campaign has been limited to a single date and time in the event campaign settings page.

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