Custom signup fields can be used to gather all sorts of information from your event attendees! 

Use this feature to gather critical information during the signup process. Get answers to questions like "Do you need lodging?", "Do you have food restrictions?", "What is your member number?" or "Do you have any accessibility needs?". 

Custom signup fields will always display in the signup column under Phone Number and Zip Code. Read on to learn how to configure these fields for your events!

Custom signup fields will allow your organization to collect key pieces of additional information from supporters, members, and volunteers on event signup pages.

Each organization will have its own library of custom fields, which admins of the organization can manage and add to.  Event creators will be able to choose up to two fields from the library to add to each event.

Step One: Managing custom signup fields

As an admin, you can manage and add custom signup fields to your organization’s library. To get started, navigate to the "Custom signup fields" tab in your dashboard.

Step Two: Create a new custom signup field

To create a new custom signup field, click "Create new field."

For each field you want to create, you will need to fill in the following details:

  • Field name – This is the internal name of the field that will be used in CSV exports and displayed in the dashboard. It can contain letters, numbers, spaces, and symbols but must be unique within your dashboard and cannot be changed later.

  • Field label – This is how the custom field will display on signup pages. This can be changed as often as needed, but should be kept clear and concise.

  • Field type – How the field should be displayed on signup forms. Current options are either a checkbox or a text input. The checkbox type is best for questions where the answers are yes/no or true/false, e.g. “I need a ride to this event” or “Are you interested in volunteering?” The text input type is best for collecting a freeform text response, e.g. “Do you need any accessibility accommodations?” or “What is your favorite bird?”

Click "Add to library" when you’re done to add the new field to your organization’s field library.

Editing and removing custom signup fields from the library

After creating custom signup fields, they will be visible in the Custom signup fields section of the dashboard (for admins only).

You can edit a custom signup field by clicking the "Edit" button on any custom signup field, and remove a custom signup field by clicking the "Remove" button. This will disable that field as an available option for other admins and organizers creating events, and remove the field from any previously-created events.

Step Three: Add custom signup fields to events

Once custom signup fields have been added to the Field library, admins and organizers will be able to add up to two additional fields when creating and editing events:

Mobilize signup forms already collect essential contact information like name, phone number, zip code, and email address, which will be pre-filled for any supporter who has taken action on Mobilize previously. Custom Fields will always appear on the signup page under these standard fields.

Making a custom field required

If it is absolutely necessary that supporters fill out the field to take action, you can check the box 'This field is required on the signup page' when you add the field to your event.

Supporters will not be able to complete their signup without filling in the required field or checkbox, and will not have the option to "sign up in one tap" for an event with required fields in automated event suggestions (including via SMS).

To avoid supporter drop-off, we recommend only making a field required when absolutely necessary for your event or action.

Removing a custom field from an event

Custom fields can be removed from an event at any time, even if data has been collected. Any data previously collected will still be available in the CSV exports.

Step Four: Accessing data collected through custom fields

Data captured through custom fields can be downloaded via the Signups CSV export. Each custom field will appear as a separate column in the CSV export.

Information collected through custom fields will also be visible for each signup on the timeslot details page:


Why aren’t my custom fields appearing?

Custom fields will not appear on partner events that you promote on your feed.

Custom fields will, however, appear on your events when they are promoted by partners, so we recommend checking that your field labels would be understood if they appeared on an event in a partner's event feed.

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