The current outbreak of COVID-19 is forcing mission-driven organizations and people to think differently about organizing. We are seeing significantly higher levels of signups for remote volunteering opportunities: 50,000+ in the last seven days alone (as of 3/12/20). That's more than 40% of total signups!

Virtual events are a great way to maintain momentum and support your chosen campaigns and organizations in this quickly-changing environment.

How to find virtual events

At the top of the mobilize feed, you'll see a row of filters. Click the first one ("any kind of event").

On the next screen, select "Remote." Then click "Search." This will show you all the available virtual events available. You can filter further by date, campaign, tags, and more.

Note that virtual events can utilize fixed schedules (where volunteers participate at a scheduled time) or flexible schedules (where volunteers participate at any time in a set window).

What types of volunteer opportunities are remote?  

Here are just a few virtual opportunities we see from organizations on Mobilize:

  1. Remote phonebanking, textbanking, and friend-to-friend outreach to garner support for a candidate or organization

  2. Webinars for strategy presentations, fireside chats with leadership, or "AMA" discussions

  3. Watch parties for debates, elections, and more

  4. Letter writing or calls to legislators

  5. Policy trainings via call and webinar 

  6. Virtual book club meetings

  7. Virtual town halls, coffee breaks, or happy hours

Official Advice

We encourage everyone to stay vigilant at this time, and refer to the CDC website for the latest developments.


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