Expand your remote organizing program by using our two newest features! Use Virtual Event Locations to recruit for remote events by zip code and allow volunteers to host their own virtual events using new Virtual Distributed Organizing capabilities.  

Read on for more details on both updates, and send any questions to [email protected].

Virtual events with locations

The best thing about virtual events is that they're accessible to anyone, anywhere! However, if you have many virtual events across a large geographic area, or across the country, you may want to recruit for them by location. To help with this, we've added an optional location field to the virtual event creation form. When volunteers search your events feed for events near them, virtual events that include a location will show up in their search! 

To add a location to a virtual event, click on New Event in the top righthand corner of your dashboard and select Virtual Volunteer Action or Shifted Virtual Event. As you're creating the event, you'll see an additional field, pictured below.

Search for your location and include a full street address or simply a zip code. 

Note: Adding a location is optional. Virtual events without a location will continue to be displayed on your feed. 

To learn more about virtual events, head to our How to Create a Virtual Event guide. If your volunteers need more guidance on finding events they can attend from home, direct them to Tips for Volunteers!

Virtual Distributed Organizing events

If your organization is using Distributed Organizing, Hosts will see an option to create a virtual event when submitting an event through your Host an event forms. 

Hosts who choose the virtual option will still be prompted for a location so that the event can be tied to their community and populate on your feed to nearby supporters. All event campaigns will automatically allow for virtual events.

To set up your distributed organizing event campaign, read our instructions here, and you can find more information in our distributed organizing collection.

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