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Using Virtual Events with P2P Textbanks
Using Virtual Events with P2P Textbanks
How to use your P2P tool with Mobilize
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If you’re using a P2P texting tool such as Hustle or TextThru, along with Mobilize, there are a few easy ways to to get the most out of both! 

Combining text with your existing mobilize events is a great way to reach groups/communities who only access the internet through their cellular device. This means you can reach more people and get them to sign-up for your events! It's a great way to layer two tools you're already using! 

Here are some ways to use your P2P tool with Mobilize! 

Use your Mobilize Virtual Event to recruit Agents for your Textbank:

  1. Create a Virtual Shifted Event titled, “Sign up for a texting shift,” or something similar.

  2. Use the Mobilize-generated link to advertise your event on your social, website, groups, or anywhere else you recruit!  

3. Take the sign-ups from Mobilize and upload to your preferred P2P texting tool as   Agents/Texters

4. Text AWAY!

Use your P2P texts to recruit for your Mobilize Virtual Events:

  1. Create your text scripts; make sure to not add your Mobilize script in the first text. Adding a link in the first text will increase the likelihood that your text message will be marked as spam. You can avoid that by sending the link the response text. 

  2. Add the Mobilize link to the response messages, both “Yes” and “No” -- you can say something like, “In case you change your mind” in the “No” message.

  3. If you use a source generator or UTM you’ll want to make sure to add it to your Mobilize link so you know it came from your P2P texts. This will help you identify any super-volunteers and folks who are very engaged with the work you're doing! 

  4. Send your texts!

  5. Track how many of your sign-ups came from your text outreach via the stats page in Mobilize or your preferred source tracking tool!

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