Mobilize Virtual Events allow you to easily provide community building events and digital actions to your supporters and volunteers. With the flexible and fixed types of Virtual Events you can fill your events feed with a variety of calls to action, and consolidate your volunteerism in one place.

If you haven't used our Virtual Events tool yet, check out this how to article. There you'll find instructions for setting up events and the difference between fixed and flexible virtual events. 

Below are some virtual event ideas to get you started! 

Voter contact and supporter engagement

Phone bank and text bank

Voter contact
Elections are important, and remote events can still be incredibly helpful! Try having your volunteers call or text from home!

  • Type: Virtual Volunteer Action

  • Call to Action Idea: Join the text team!

Volunteer engagement/re-engagement
This is a great time to reach out to your membership and engage with people. Whether it is Welcome Calls to your new members or volunteers, or active volunteers reaching out to other active volunteers, engagement calling can be enjoyable and fun from home!

  • Type: Shifted Virtual Event or Virtual Volunteer Action

  • Call to Action Idea: Join the Welcome Call Team


Training volunteers and staff is a great way for people to stay on top of their skills, learn new organizing or technical skills, or simply gain a deeper understanding of the issue or program. Building up confidence is the key to keep volunteers coming back! 

  • Type: Shifted Virtual Event

  • Call to Action Idea: Remote Phone Bank Training

Record a peer to peer training and set it up as an action, you can reach out to registrants to further engage in opportunities. Many volunteers are less familiar with remote organizing tools like peer to peer texting, so this is a great way to keep folks engaged and train them on a skill that they can use for a future action. 

  • Type: Virtual Volunteer Action

  • Call to Action Idea: Recorded Training on Peer to Peer texting

Special Guests or Panels 

Every organization and community has a VIP, invite these VIPs to regular meetings, or special events to bring in your volunteers and continue to build a community around your organization

  • Type: Shifted Virtual Event

  • Calls to Action Ideas: Michelle Obama joins a membership meeting!

Virtual community building events 

Building community and having conversation and fun can still be done remotely! From Virtual Trivia nights, Bookclubs, Virtual lunch groups, and more, it is easy to be creative with your Virtual Events using Mobilize!

  • Type: Shifted Virtual Event

  • Calls to Action Ideas: Community Support webinar 

Virtual Advocacy 

Register to Vote, Fill out your Census, Register to Vote-by-Mail, Reach out to your Congress member! There are many state specific and local actions your volunteers can take and share with their network as well, these can be easy Virtual Actions that can be set up and allow you to track your volunteerism, and reengage your volunteers when its time to take action! 

  • Type: Virtual Event: 


Fundraising is critical to the work we all do, and having a Fundraising ask on your event feed is an easy way to provide actions for your volunteers, and help boost your fundraising!  

  • Type: Virtual Event

(See our documentation on ActBlue to learn more about how to increase donations)

Distributed Virtual Events!

Distributed virtual events and virtual event locations

  • Many of the community building and other virtual events that can be hosted using Distributed Organizing! Have your volunteers become Virtual Book Club hosts, or Virtual Happy/community hours! With our Virtual Distributed Organizing 

Additional Resources for Virtual Events

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