This integration changelog will help you stay up to date on all major changes to the Mobilize/VAN integration from April 2020 onwards.

For details on the Mobilize VAN integration, see our comprehensive integration guide.


April 2020

  1. When a signup is synced from Mobilize to VAN, we will now check whether there is a pre-existing persons record in MyCampaign. If a match is found, Mobilize will not sync the ZIP code for the record, to maintain pre-existing address information in MyCampaign. If a person is not found, we will create a new person in MyCampaign including the ZIP code associated with the signup in Mobilize.

    This change should reduce the chance of Mobilize ZIP data overwriting full addresses in MyCampaign, but will mean that where a contact exists without complete address information, ZIP codes will not be added or updated in the VAN record.

  2. We improved the resilience of the VAN Sync for certain scenarios where moving a timeslot from one day to another would prevent signups associated with that event or timeslot from syncing from Mobilize to VAN.
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