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How to connect Mobilize to your Salesforce instance
How to connect Mobilize to your Salesforce instance

Get started with the Mobilize Salesforce integration

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To find out more about adding this paid integration to your account, contact support.

Mobilize is built to work with Salesforce out of the box. A quick setup beginning from your Mobilize dashboard enables you to start automatically forwarding Mobilize event and volunteer information back to your central customer view in Salesforce.


  • The integration between Mobilize and Salesforce is handled through a Connected App which Salesforce administrators can install in a standard Salesforce or NPSP instance.

  • Once Salesforce and Mobilize are connected, volunteers and their Mobilize activity will appear automatically in Salesforce according to our data mapping (see below). 

  • Mobilize will add each event timeslot (or “shift”) as a Campaign in Salesforce. These Campaigns will have a type MobilizeEvent. 

  • When a supporter signs up or registers on Mobilize for an event or timeslot, the contact will be added as a Campaign Member in Salesforce. 

  • Once a supporter is registered as having completed or attended the event, the status will be synced to Salesforce with the corresponding CampaignMemberStatus.

How to connect Mobilize and Salesforce

First, alert our team that you would like to configure a Salesforce Integration. After we have enabled this option, visit the Salesforce tab of your Mobilize dashboard to start the connection process:

Follow the flow by clicking through the “Connect To Salesforce” button, which involves logging into Salesforce and allowing Mobilize to grant write access to your instance.

Upon successful authorization, you will be redirected back to your Mobilize dashboard with your Salesforce account linked:

Now that Mobilize is authorized to talk to Salesforce, the final step is turning on data flow. Simply hit “Enable” on this screen for events and volunteer info to sync into Salesforce.

Data Mapping

The following tables represent how Mobilize entities map to Salesforce objects once your connection is enabled:

Mobilize Timeslots

Mobilize Signups

Mobilize Volunteer

Here’s a concrete example (screenshots below):

  • On Mobilize, you create an event titled “Community Donation Drive” on January 1st, 2021 with a single timeslot from 12pm-1pm. Two people signup for this event as attending.

  • Now, on your Salesforce instance, you will have a new Campaign titled “Community Donation Drive (12:00pm - 1:00pm)” automatically added. The Campaign will have a start date of 1/1/2021 and an end date of 1/1/2021. The Campaign will have two associated Campaign Members that correspond to the two signups. They will be linked to two Contacts including the name, phone, email, and zipcode of each volunteer.

Disabling Data Flow 

To turn off data flow from Mobilize to Salesforce but keep the two systems linked, click the "Disable" button on the dashboard. To completely unlink Mobilize and Salesforce, click the  "Disconnect account" button on the dashboard.

Neither of these actions deletes data from Salesforce. Once Mobilize data is in Salesforce, it is never deleted by Mobilize.

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