Tags are a great and flexible way to create groups of events. You might want to group events by action, constituency, or issue. All admin and organizer users have the option to add their own tags.

To add your event tags, start by creating your event. You'll see a field for Tags, where you can enter characters to search for a pre-existing tag. If this tag does not yet exist, you'll be able to add this as a new tag.

Once an event creator has added a tag, event attendees will be able to filter by tag.

And from the dashboard, you can search by tag under "More filters"

You can even use tags across dashboards and with promoted events!

Note: When adding tags, you will be able to see all tags used across the Mobilize platform. However, the event tags used most by your organization will appear at the top of your list. Because all tags are visible to all dashboards, it is not possible to delete a tag.

As always, email [email protected] with any questions.

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