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As the world becomes increasingly remote, Mobilize is pioneering virtual organizing efforts so our partners, like you, can continue changing the world.

  • Step 1: In your dashboard, select New Event then select 'Scheduled virtual event'.

Screenshot of Event Creation screen: Select Scheduled virtual event button
  • Step 2: Set Visibility to 'Public' if you'd like your event to appear on your organization's feed as well as Mobilize's feed.

  • Step 2b: Set Visibility to 'Private' to make the event accessible to only those with the direct link to it.

  • Step 3: Write an Event description of your event and add a photo! You can use Markdown to format.

Screenshot of Event Creation screen: editable textbox for event description and photo upload button for event photo
  • Step 4: Add instructions for "How to prepare."

This section is sent to supporters in their confirmation email and is perfect for anything that you want to send to registered attendees only, including the following:

  • Instructions or training materials that a supporter needs before they arrive at an event;

  • A link to register for an additional platform they’ll need to take part in the activity and links to OpenVPB, ThruTalk, or Hustle lists; or

  • Software/hardware requirements.

Here's where to add that information and where it shows up in confirmation emails:

  • Step 5: Choose whether or not you want Mobilize to send your volunteers a survey after your event. You can also read more about Post-Shift Follow-Up Surveys to help you decide.

  • Step 6: Even though all events are virtual right now, setting a Location can help supporters local to you find your event!

Screenshot of Event Creation screen: optional Location field for your event
  • Step 7: Select your timezone, then click Add Times.

  • Step 8: Leave Frequency at 'Once' and select your Start date and Start time. Click Add times.

  • Step 9: If you have video call information to add, click "Add video call information"

Note: see this article for more on how to use our Zoom integration

Use the "Link to join" field for the link your supporters should follow to join the event. Examples include: a Zoom meeting or webinar link; a Google Meet meeting link; or a livestream URL.

Use the "Other joining instructions" field for other information that a supporter might need to join the event, for example: alternative dial-in instructions or guidance on which devices are supported.

  • Step 10: Click Submit and high-five yourself, Super Organizer!

Attendees will receive a confirmation email with the link to join and any other instructions you provided.

If the video conference is changed, the link in the confirmation email will take them to the new link.

Were you following along? Did you create a one-time virtual event?

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