How to Create Recurring Virtual Events

Some events are so good they have to happen more than once! This article will walk you through the workflow for recurring virtual events.

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As the world becomes increasingly remote, Mobilize is pioneering virtual organizing efforts so our partners, like you, can continue changing the world.

  • STEP 1: In your dashboard, click on New Event and select Scheduled event from the list of options.

  • STEP 2: Set Visibility to 'Public' or 'Private' depending on whether you'd like the event to appear publicly on your organization's feed or not. If listed privately, your event will only be accessible to those with the direct link.

  • STEP 3: Write an Event description! If preferred, use Markdown to format.

  • STEP 4: Add a photo! Photos look best when they strictly follow our recommended size of 1200x630px.

  • STEP 5: Select 'Virtual' under Location to make this a virtual event.

  • STEP 6: Add your Virtual event link under How to join this virtual event.

    ⚠️ NOTE: Any video call information added here will apply to all timeslots you are adding — unless you choose to customize individual timeslots with unique virtual event links. Please refer to STEP 9 for more information.

    Use the Virtual event link field for the link your supporters should follow to join the event. Examples include: a Zoom meeting or webinar link; a Google Meet meeting link; or a live stream URL.

    Use the Additional instructions field for other information that a supporter might need to join the event. For example, alternative dial-in instructions or guidance on which devices are supported.

  • STEP 7: Select your timezone under Schedule!

  • STEP 8: Under Schedule, click on Add times and select Frequency of your event (Daily, Weekly, or Monthly) and enter in the first possible Start date, last possible End date, and times. Optional: set Max capacity for each shift.

  • STEP 9 (OPTIONAL): Once you've added timeslots, you have the option of customizing the virtual event link for select timeslots. Alternatively, you may skip this step if you wish to use the same virtual event link indicated in STEP 6.

  • STEP 10: Click Submit!

Attendees will receive a confirmation email with a link to the video conference. If the video conference is changed, the link in the confirmation email will take them to the new link.

Let us know if you have further questions at [email protected]!

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