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As the world becomes increasingly remote, Mobilize is pioneering virtual organizing efforts so our partners, like you, can continue changing the world.

  • Step 1: In your dashboard, select New Event then select 'Scheduled virtual event'.
Schedule virtual event button
  • Step 2: Set Visibility to 'Public' if you'd like your event to appear on your organization's feed as well as Mobilize's feed.
  • Step 2b: Set Visibility to 'Private' to make the event accessible to only those with the direct link to it.
Event visibility toggle - Public or Private
  • Step 3: Write a Description of your event! You can use Markdown to format.
Screenshot of event edit view of description and photo upload
  • Step 4: Write a message only people who sign-up for your event will see. This is perfect for distributing your Virtual Meeting and Webinar links!
Registration confirmation email field
Screenshot of post-signup action toggle
  • Step 6: Choose whether or not you want Mobilize to send your volunteers a survey after your event.
post-action survey toggle
  • Step 7: Even though all events are virtual right now, setting a Location can help supporters local to you find your event!
location field
  • Step 8: Select your timezone, then click Add Times.
scheduling field
  • Step 8a: Select Frequency of your event and enter in the first possible shift date, last possible shift date, and times. Optional: set Max capacity for each shift.
scheduler modal with drop-down menu: Once, Daily, Weekly, Monthly
  • Step 8b: Click Add times +.
  • Step 9: Add private details to each shift as necessary.
  • Step 10: Click Submit!

Let us know if you have further questions at [email protected]!

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