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How to Make Your Logo Look Bigger
How to Make Your Logo Look Bigger

This guide will help you make your logo stand out, and make the most of the 56px tall space.

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Your logo polishes the look of your feed, giving it credibility and gravitas while also notifying your supporters that they are in the right place. Your logo is -- quite literally -- one of the smaller elements on your dashboard but it makes a big impact.

When you’re ready to upload your logo, here are some checkpoints to consider:

Does the image have padding around it? Padding is the space between an image's margin and its' content.

Is the image easily readable at 56px? Check out the above logo on our dashboard!

Is there a different logo that would fit better? Mobilize has a square logo with just our signature "M", but we choose to use our horizontal logo with our spelled out name for clarity!

Does my image have a transparent background? Learn more about transparent logos -- and why you need one at Looka.

Logo Size & Best Practice

  • Minimize the top and bottom padding of your logo as much as possible. Our built-in styling automatically adds padding to your logo to make it look clean. If there's significant padding on the top and bottom of your logo, it can look small once uploaded. Example: The Edit View of our logo below depicts the 0 padding around content with the margin touching only the biggest object in the content area.

Mobilize logo in editing view depicting the white Mobilize "M" in a blue circle next to the word "Mobilize" in blue.
  • The actual logo doesn't need to be 56px height, but the file itself should be in .PNG. This prevents the logo from being distorted once uploaded.

File Size

Mobilize's file size limit for your logo is 50MB.

Tools To Create or Edit Logo

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