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Overview of Mobilize Events and Actions
Overview of Mobilize Events and Actions

This article explains the nuanced differences between each kind of event that can be created on Mobilize.

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On the Mobilize platform, our 'New Event' button allows you to create online or in-person actions for your organization's supporters to engage with. Available event features are:

  • Scheduled events: Supporters attend at specific dates and times.

  • Anytime actions: Supporters take action from anywhere, on their own time.

  • Petitions: Supporters sign a petition to support your cause.

  • Pledges or interest forms: Supporters express interest or pledge to take action.

  • Fundraising events: Supporters donate to attend your event.*

  • Fundraising campaigns: Supporters donate to your organization.*

  • Groups: Supporters join a group.

* This action is integration-based and is only available to clients with EA Digital.

* This action is integration-based and is only available to clients with EA Digital.

Scheduled events

This event feature is most useful for scheduled events Supporters can attend at specific dates and times. Scheduled events can either be in-person or virtual, and you can specify the type of event it is by selecting an event 'Type'. Popular Event Types include Canvasses, Phone Banks, Community Events, and more.

Anytime actions

Anytime actions allow your Supporters to take action from anywhere, on their own time. You can customize the action your Supporters take by heading to Action settings and choosing from the following options:

  • Link to an external site: Redirect to an external website, like a voter registration website or peer-to-peer texting tool (most popular!).

  • Share post on social media: Share specific text on social media (Facebook or Twitter).

  • Dial a phone number: Make a call (uses the supporter's own dialing tool).

  • Draft an email: Send an email (uses the supporter's own email client).


With petitions, your supporters can easily pledge their support to your organization with the quick click of a button. Petitions have the same features as other Mobilize events, including:

  • Space for a title, description, and image.

  • Tags for easy discovery.

  • Options to display additional prompts to supporters after they sign the petition, including social sharing, donation, and event suggestions.

  • Space to add custom fields to collect additional information from your supporters.

Pledges or interest forms

Pledges and interest forms, like online actions and petitions, are a great way to engage your supporters with "bite-sized" actions that they can take online immediately. To get started, simply select Pledge or interest form when creating a new event, and make sure to choose either option under Type!

Fundraising events

Our EveryAction integration lets you create Fundraising events to capture contributions directly on Mobilize. With Fundraising events on Mobilize, you can:

  • Grow your donor list with optimized bring-a-friend prompts and distribution on and in our network of mission-driven organizations;

  • Keep your donors engaged with messaging and automated follow-up communications;

  • Drive donors to take more action with our automated recruitment tools and weekly newsletters; and

  • See contributions and insights in real time with data flowing instantly into your EveryAction CRM.

Fundraising campaigns

Similar to Fundraising events, our EveryAction integration lets you set up Fundraising campaigns to capture contributions on our platform. Fundraising campaigns are hosted over a scheduled period of time and can be theme-driven campaigns, standing campaigns, and more - depending on your organization!


You can now create Groups on Mobilize that supporters can join at any time. Groups help supporters stay engaged and connected with other group members and ensure that they're kept up-to-speed with the group's latest events and resources, so that they're poised to take action in the future.

Groups become even more impactful when you use Group campaigns to enable your supporters to create their own volunteer-led Groups. Like event campaigns, group campaigns expand your capacity to reach and retain new supporters within your volunteers' networks, and help you identify and empower volunteer leaders by letting them raise their hand to lead and manage a group.

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