• Navigate to your Events feed, which has a URL like this: mobilize.us/yourslug

  • Choose a default filter or select More filters

  • Filter by Event type: Under event type, select 'in-person' to promote all in-person events and 'remote' if you want all remote events. To select specific types of events (e.g. remote phone banks only), click 'More.'

  • Filter by state or zip code, dates or date ranges, or organization.

  • Select Search and copy the link displayed in the search bar of your browser, ex: https://www.mobilize.us/obama4congress/?is_virtual=false.

  • You can now share this link via email or SMS to direct volunteers to a pre-filtered feed, displaying only the types of events(s) you selected.


  • Use our URL generator to create a custom pre-filtered URL to distribute to your volunteers.

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